Sakar English School

Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
(Affiliated to CBSE)

मेरे भगवन मेरे बालको में है

Our Pre-Primary

Our Great Vision & Mission


Sakar Pre-primary School aspires to be a place where children can hone their innate talents. We aim to provide them an enjoyable, memorable, fruitful and productive learning experience which will equip them to become responsible and caring citizens in their futures.


  • Our motto is to become ‘A Second Home’ for the children. Our mission is to provide children a stable, secure and supportive atmosphere. We aim to provide talented and encouraging faculty who can instill modern and traditional values in children and equip them to stand on their own feet. We aim to provide sufficient equipment and facilities in order to aid the holistic development of the child. We also aim to become the hub of the learning, creativity, exploration, originality and imagination; to become an institution your child will be proud and happy to attend.

Values and Beliefs


We, in Sakar Pre-primary School, view children as equal citizens. We respect children’s opinions, views and ideas and do not seek to impose our ideas on them.

Discipline and Punctuality

in order to groom the children into efficient, productive and skilled individuals, we lay enormous importance on the twin values of discipline and punctuality. We expect these values to be displayed not only by the children but also the staff and faculty.


We abide by the secular principles laid down in our Constitution. We do not promote any specific religion in our institution. We also do not tolerate any sort of religious discrimination.

Encouraging talent

we intend to encourage them to create and develop their talents and to tap their hidden potential. We give equal importance to academic and non-academic pursuits. We believe that co-curricular activities are equally as important as studies for a child’s holistic growth.


All members in our institution including the children, staff, faculty and other members are treated with respect and dignity. We also respect our environment and preserve the sanctity and purity of our surroundings. Littering, defacement of property and any such activity which pollutes the environment is not tolerates.

Interaction with Parents

we realize that the family of the child plays an integral role in his/her personality growth. Hence, we strive to increase parents’ participation in the education process of their child by interacting with them on a daily basis and informing them about their child’s progress and activities in school.

Utilizing Technology

we realize the importance of staying ahead of times. Today education does not lie merely in books and libraries. We aim to provide state-of-the-art equipment in order to aid the students to explore the world of education in the various forms available today.


  • To provide mature, capable, talented and sensitive faculty who are well-equipped to impart their knowledge to children.
  • To equip children with the four basic language skills and early mathematical capabilities.
  • To increase their general awareness, fluency and natural spontaneity.
  • To encourage creative impulses and expression through the medium of art, music, dance and other cultural activities.
  • To create an active interest in sports and other physical activities.
  • To encourage application-based learning through creative play-way methods and with the support of technological aids such as projectors, multimedia etc.
  • To teach them about society with the help of trips to various institutions in the city.
  • To encourage the spirit of competition, participation and growth by organizing monthly class wise competitions.