(Play Group, Jr KG, Sr KG classes)

Pre Primary also known as Nursery (generally misunderstood as a separate class of Pre-Primary section) or Elementary or Kinder Garten classes where children come, play and get oriented to social and school life in a very pleasant and lovely environment. While they play, they do learn a little but there is absolutely no pressure on them to learn or mug up a few things. In fact, they quietly and indirectly get themselves prepared for formal learning or education that begins in class I only.

Emotional development of a child, as we all know, takes place between 2 and 5 years of age. It is, therefore, very very important for parents and teachers to handle them with care, love, and respect. If we subject them to rigours of learning through many text books, note books, home work, tests or exams, it is just possible that the child in his Subconscious mind will develop hatred for the whole process of education. The effect may not be noticed immediately but is surely felt in majority of students by the time they come in class IV or V. Can we really pressurize a child to do a particular work when we know that each young child has his own mood, aptitude and interest? Can we dub a small child of 3 or 4 years as stupid or slow just because he doesn’t write or speak or learn what we want him to do?

Hence we at Sakar don’t give much thrust on text books / written work. We also don’t subject them to any tests or exams.

The whole exercise of Schooling in K. G. Classes will be to develop through various activities, learning aids, experiments, picnics and visits, the power of six senses or varied skills (List given) and also interest in schooling.

Parents, too, are requested not to insist on the children to study much at home. We have to protect their right to enjoy childhood. We can tell them stories, make them listen to stories or rhymes which will develop their language on the one hand and values and habits on the other. Let’s provide them opportunities and facilities to think, to imagine and to create something. Besides stories, music and dance, art and craft, picnics & visits, judicious TV Watching etc. help the children a lot in these directions.

The school will very sincerely try to develop the following few skills concepts during children’s association with us. Parents can refer to these skills and help their development. However they should not force them to do or say things they don’t want to. In case a child is not able to remember any things written hereunder, we should not be worried or angry. Each child has its unique way of learning and talent in specific areas only. In short, let’s not expect flawlessness or perfection. ‘PATIENCE’ (though bitter, gives very sweet fruit) is the only watchword we, the parents and teachers have to keep in mind while dealing with our children.