Sakar English School

Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
(Affiliated to CBSE)

मेरे भगवन मेरे बालको में है

Study Tour

Educational Visit is an important part of students’ journey towards enhancing learning process. These visits are the real life experiences that allow them to apply their knowledge to the real world.

Therefore Sakar English School has been arranging several tours in tandem for trying to tap every aspect of the public domain.

Date StandardPlace
20/12/20168 B & C (Boys)Amul Federation
15/12/20168 B & C (Girls)Weather Office
14/12/2016VII BDoordarshan Kendra
09/12/2016VII AJivan Sandhya Old Age Home
07/10/2016VII C & DBlind People  Association
06/10/2016VII EGujarat Vidhyapith
23/09/2016IV DAdalaj Vav
21/09/2016V CGujarat Vidhyapith
16/09/2016V ASabarmati Ashram, Manar Sadhna Kendra
15/09/2016IV DAdalaj vav
14/09/2016III DPolice Station, Chandkheda
12/09/2016IV BTrimurti Mandir, Mahesana
10/09/2016IV CMasjid, Shahibaug.
09/09/2016IV AMagnam Gym, Chandkheda.
09/09/2016II DJain Derasar, Tapovan Circle
02/09/2016III DPlant Nursery
01/09/2016II A & BGurudwara, Jain Derasar
31/08/2016III CPost Office, ONGC Chandkheda 
30/08/2016III AOsia Supermarket, Motera
29/08/2016III BPolice Station, Chandkheda
16/08/2016II CSt. Paul’s Church 
24/06/2016VII, IX & XSadra Physical Education Institute
23/09/2016VII, IX & XSadra Physical Education Institute
18/08/2015II St. Paul’s Church, Ramnagar, Gurudwara, Ramnagar, Plant Nursery  
21/08/2015VII AGujrat Cricket Association, Motera
07/09/2015III APolice Station, Chandkheda
07/09/2015III CPost Office, ONGC Chandkheda 
07/09/2015IV A Police Station, Chandkheda
09/09/2015IV BOsia Supermarket, Motera
28/10/15IXMahadev Desai College of Physical Education, Sadra, Gandhinagar.
29/10/15VII CMagnam Gym, Sangath Mall, Motera.
02/11/15XI & XII COM.IIHM, Ashram Road.
03/11/15VIII APaper Industry (Rainbow Paper Limited, Kadi)
04/11/15VII BDPS East, Daskroi(Dist.).
06/11/15IXNIE Office, Printing Press
03/12/2015VII DAmul Dairy
04/12/2015X AAmul Dairy

Our students immensely benefitted from these visits. Sakar English School shall continue to organize such visits to reinforce knowledge through direct involvement in real life scenario.